Recovery Membership Congress

San Marino DanceSport Federation

Recovery Membership Congress

for the couples, for the Thecnical part of the Federation.

Open Congress valid for the 2018 FeSDaS membership for all the Athletes and Coaches who did not attended the official congress held the last days of December.

Sunday 28 January 2018

 MultiEventi Sport Domus, Serravalle

Republic of San Marino

Via Rancaglia 30, 47899 Serravalle – Repubblica di San Marino 

Training camp – Lectures – Private Lesson

Topic of the congress: techniques and figures valid for sport season 2017/2018.

Timing: Standard/Latin lectures will start at 9:00 (check in open ad 8:00 ).

The attendance of the athletes will be recognized by signing at the entrance and the membership status will be obtained at the end of the congress

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program of the day

Congress is “Open”  to all the athletes and coaches interested in it

Participation is compulsory in order to maintain the membership or the acquire it for the first time.

Membership Congress 2017: a success story

The memebership congress 2017 is over and all the technicians and athletes are on the way to home for relax and new-year vacation. Thanks to all the tecnicians from 5 different countries: Davide Gabusi, Claudia Tavalazzi, Gennadiy Oseshnyuk, Matija Novosel, Felix Castillo, Osars Bacis, Andrew Todorow, Lorenzo Lo Presti and Claudia Mainardi who worked hard since early morning till dusk.

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