Federazione Sammarinese Danza Sportiva


All affiliates and members are authorized to use the logo of the San Marino Dance Sports Federation in order to highlight their belonging to the same Federation.

The FESDS symbol is authorized only to registered/registered individuals and, therefore, it cannot be transferred to third parties as its transfer to companies, organizations, institutions, etc. is prohibited. possibly connected with the affiliate/member unless expressly authorized.

Affiliates have the right to affix the FESDS logo on their letterhead, on the plaques of their offices as well as on the identification cards of their members, on posters and posters relating to the organization of sporting events included in the federal calendar of the FESDS.

Without authorization from the FESDS, it is not permitted to use or imitate in any form or derivation the symbols or names that could lead to the belief of direct and formal recognition from the FESDS in activities other than those relating to the practice of sports. Any use of the FESDS name and logo in the activities indicated below must therefore be authorized in advance, by way of example but not limited to:

  • organization of conventions;
  • internships;
  • seminars and courses;
  • advertisements;
  • business;
  • initiatives unrelated to the activities recognized by the FESDS.

The use of the FESDS logo as a registered logo constitutes the subject of intellectual property rights, the unauthorized use of which is strictly prohibited and prosecuted by law.
The use of the logo of the CONS, San Marino National Olympic Committee, must comply with current regulations.

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