Membership Congress 2017: a success story

The memebership congress 2017 is over and all the technicians and athletes are on the way to home for relax and new-year vacation. Thanks to all the tecnicians from 5 different countries: Davide Gabusi, Claudia Tavalazzi, Gennadiy Oseshnyuk, Matija Novosel, Felix Castillo, Osars Bacis, Andrew Todorow, Lorenzo Lo Presti and Claudia Mainardi who worked hard since early morning till dusk.

The level of the athletes is exceptionally high as recognized by the members of the FeSDS presidium: the Presidente Riccardo Venturini and the members Antonella Marani and Anna Maria Paoletti who attended the GOLD Benchmarking of friday evening and warmly welcomed all the athletes for the 2018 sport year.

See you soon at the next congress

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